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Updated on 14/07/2022
Company status: (Non-professional furniture rental)
Address : 354 AV DES GRANIERES 13600 LA CIOTAT
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  • In charge of publication
    Jean Marc Joly
    Frédéric Blachier


  • Hosting and technical logistics is the company by the company Infomaniak
    25 Eugène-Marziano
    1227 Les Acacias
    Geneva, Switzerland


  • Website :
    Our reservation site is hosted by Smoobu :
    Smoobu GmbH
    Falckensteinstr. 48 10997 Berlin, Germany
    Phone: +49 30120884399


  • The technical logistics are provided by the company Ludovic Marchand Performance Coaching with offices at 37 Rue de Lausanne, 1201 Geneva.


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